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Shooter’s Brother Just Accidentally Blew Doors WIDE Open On What Happened After Slipping Up On LIVE

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Description: Published on 2 months ago

Breaking News: Shooter’s Brother Just Accidentally Blew Doors WIDE Open On What Happened After Slipping Up On LIVE TV
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Something doesn’t add up about Stephen Paddock, the alleged Las Vegas mass shooter who murdered over 50 and injured over 500 people from a 32nd floor Mandalay Bay window. His brother, Eric Paddock was recently interviewed and may have blown the hinges off the door of investigations. Eric was very animated in the interview, often going on brief bizarre tangents while making his points, but something about his body language had alerted people into taking a second look.

Eric discusses Stephon’s wealth and generosity while explaining that doing rich people things was no big deal to Stephen. It was just his way of life, which is nothing out of the ordinary for someone with a hefty bank account. He stated that it was like normal folks doing normal things, because doing expensive things is normal for rich and wealthy people. That part of his interview made perfect sense, but his body language and agitated state of being threw off viewers.

CBSN spoke with the brother who was allegedly committed suicide in his Mandalay Bay Casino and Resort in Las Vegas after massacring 58 people and shooting 489. In one of the most bizarre interviews you will ever see, Eric Paddock defends his brother’s wealth and brags about his generosity and the wealth he bestowed upon him and his mother. He also appears to be highly agitated throughout the interview, at times looking directly at the camera, as he appears to be staring down anyone who would dare to call his brother “weird” or odd.

During the interview, Paddock can be heard berating people who don’t understand what he views to be his brother’s tremendously successful life, claiming that, “Everybody doesn’t work at “Taco Bell”. One of the most interesting lines in the interview comes at the end when he claims his mother, who was married to a man on the FBI’s Most Wanted list, doesn’t even like guns. Paddock seems to be mocking her for not liking guns.

Eric’s mention of Taco Bell is not something that’s alarming. His point was that not everyone had a normal person job. His brother, the alleged shooter, wasn’t someone with a normal job. He was apparently a hefty gambler with a deep bank roll. Eric talked about his mother, who’s husband was on the FBI’s most wanted list and claimed she didn’t like guns. Maybe she didn’t like guns, but someone did.
After seeing this bizarre interview, some folks suggest that the FBI should investigate Eric Paddock and see if he has any involvement. Of course, he might be agitated because his brother just allegedly killed a big number of people in America’s worst mass shooting in recent history.

During his interview, Eric goes off on tangents about his brother’s life and various things they did, or he did, as he tries to explain how his brother was not weird.

He also gives a tip on how the guns may have gotten into the Mandalay Bay, but that’s no secret. Anyone who asks how Stephen Paddock was able to get all those guns into one hotel room and the answer is quite clear – through the front door. You can walk almost anything into a hotel. No one really checks your bags in hotels, but they will probably start doing that now.

Eric talks about his mom not liking guns and it almost seems like he’s shocked or disappointing that she doesn’t like guns. His tone of voice sounds like he thinks SHE is weird for being the person who doesn’t like guns.

The amount of different things Eric talks about possibly gives clues that he might know more than people think. Or maybe he doesn’t know anything at all and he wants to know.

A body language expert looked at his video and gave their impression of it.

A body language expert who goes by the name of “Bombard’s Body Language” suggests that the Las Vegas killer’s brother is lying in this interview that was videotaped by CBSN. The body language expert claims more than once that the brother is shedding fake tears and pretending to feign sadness over his brother’s actions. She also suggests that he knows more about guns than he’s letting on to the reporters.

The expert thinks Eric is lying, but doesn’t state what part they think he’s lying about. More information from “Bombard’s Body Language” would be helpful. For them to suggest that Eric is lying is fine, but what part exactly? As much details as possible are always helpful so that people can investigate and think for themselves rather than believe everything they see on television and the Internet.

What do we do now? Is Eric’s behavior due to him being in the middle of a media frenzy over the Las Vegas mass shooting? Is his behavior just his normal behavior because he’s a bit animated and a little weird? Is his erratic behavior due to losing his brother to suicide

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